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A Sisters' Spiritual Journey

Ethical, Intentional, Sacred Malas

Divine East is a mala jewelry company specializing in hand-crafted gemstone necklaces and bracelets. Our designs were first inspired by our sisters’ trip to India and our spiritual journey along the way.

Our malas are handmade with semi-precious gemstones sourced from locals in India and Bali, two incredibly magical places that hold a large piece of our hearts. The inspiration when naming our designs, comes from a place of growth, expansion and acceptance. Immense gratitude for allowing us to share our journey with you.

Welcome to the Divine Community. 


Sisters Sam and Danelle left a piece of their heart in Rishikesh, India after pursuing a spiritual journey together. They studied with a guru in the foothills of the Himalayas, where they learned about japa mala meditation and the healing properties of gemstones. Developing a passion for meditation, crystals and healing, they knew it was their Dharmic path to share this journey with others. Shortly after immersing into Eastern spiritual traditions and practices, Divine East was born. 

They now work with locals they have met along their travels in India and Indonesia to ethically source gemstones and create intentionally together. Gemstones that come from India are sourced from Jaipur, from a friend and local who owns a crystal factory, where each stone is polished and faceted by hand. The sisters were then taught by a local and friend in Bali how to hand-knot mala beads, and continue to work with her to provide work to and support several women living in a small village outside of Ubud. 


Each year, Sam and Danelle travel back to their places of inspiration to source materials and work with locals to dream up new designs. 

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