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How to choose a mala

It feels right: ​It's common for stones to show up in your life when you need them the most. It's said that a mala chooses you, not the other way around. The metaphysical healing properties of the gemstone you are drawn to often reflects the intention your spirit is asking you to focus on. Regardless of the colour of the stone or the design of the mala, interacting with the piece often feels right. 

What do you want to manifest?  You may also choose a mala based on the intention you are seeking to manifest. As each gemstone has a different metaphysical healing property, you may choose a stone based on the intention inherent in the nature of the stone. 

Chakras: Chakras are the 7 energy centres in our bodies. Each chakra is represented by a colour. You may choose your mala based on the colour of the stone in the piece, which vibrates with the chakra that shares that colour:

  • Root Chakra: Black or Red gemstones 

  • Sacral Chakra: Orange gemstones

  • Solar-Plexus Chakra: Yellow or amber gemstones 

  • Heart Chakra: Green or pink gemstones 

  • Throat Chakra: Light blue gemstones 

  • Brow/Third Eye Chakra: Dark blue or indigo gemstones 

  • Crown Chakra: Purple or white gemstones 

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