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Kali’s energy is intense, fiery and powerful. She is known as the destroyer of stories, ego, and the past, and assists us in transcending the fears and delusions. We call upon Kali in transformative times in our lives, when we require a clean sweep and radical shift. She represents the deep, committed desire to be free, and does so with compassion and grace.


Invoke the energies of Kali with Mixed Tourmaline, known for its detoxification properties. It assists us in ridding of fear, enhancing clarity and feeling empowered during difficult circumstances. Just as Kali leads with the heart with compassion and grace, Mixed Tourmaline is known for its heart-centered properties, offering emotional healing, nurturing and peace.


This mala is cleansed and blessed in the Ganga in Rishikesh, India. Gemstones are 6mm. 

Kali: The Eradicator

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