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Smokey Quartz is the Stone of Power. Associated with the Root Chakra, its protective energy absorbs negativity and sends it into the Earth for cleansing. This grounding stone works to reconnect the user to the Earth and improve consciousness. 

This mala has the Muladhara (Root Chakra) Symbol, the chakra of grounding, security and protection. As the first of the seven chakras, the Muladhara represents the foundation of our being. 

*The healing properties in each mala are the responsibility of the user and not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease*

Restore Bracelet

SKU: 20151
  • Orders within Canada and the US take 2 business days for processing, and 2-9 business days for delivery. The purchaser is responsible for duty, import and border fees shall they be applied.


    We currently offer the option to ship with tracking or without tracking. Should you choose shipping without tracking, Divine East is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 


    Each mala carries specific metaphysical energies and therefore, malas that have been worn or used may not be returned or exchanged.  If you would like to exchange or return your unworn mala, you may do so within 14 days of delivery.

  • Gemstones are 8mm.


    Pendant is 92.5 sterling silver 

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