Harmony Necklace

Rose Quartz is a gemstone that promotes love for the self and the other. It has a calming, gentle energy that brings peace to relationships. Rose Quartz removes negativity from the crown, brow, throat and heart chakras and balances yin-yang energy. It is effective in healing emotions and promoting self-love. 


Sacred Bracelet (Limited Edition)

Mixed Moonstone is known as the Traveler's Stone and the talismen of the inward journey. It cleanses and balances the Crown Chakra, and opens the user to a connection with the highest consciousness. It awakens the Kundalini energy and Divine power of the inner goddess. 


Sandalwood vibrates with the root chakra. Its aromatic scent stimulates awareness and calms the emotional body, making it the perfect tool for meditation.

*The healing properties inherent in each mala are the responsibility of the user and not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease* 

Mother's Day Gift Set I

  • Small: 6 inches around

    Medium: 6.5 inches around 

    Large: 7 inches around

    Mala Gemstones are 6mm

    Bracelet Gemstones are 8mm